Coating Services

Ar-Tech has amassed considerable application experience with a wide variety of materials including epoxies, urethanes, glass and metal filled coatings. Need support with a project? Ar-Tech can provide insight to solutions based on over 27 years of project history and access to leading experts.

Low VOC, high solids and fast curing coatings require specialized equipment and environments. Ar-Tech makes the necessary investments to stay at the industry forefront for the benefit of its customers. Ar-Tech uses high performance polyurethane, epoxy or enamel paint coatings from our suppliers. Our professionals welcome the challenge of novel applications and because of this challenging spirit, Ar-Tech continually moves up the experience curve. Ar-Tech will provide a coating solution that works.

Coating failure in the field will be expensive.

Insufficient application or an unsuitable coating will cost money in the long term when factoring in downtime costs, lost production and potential liability. Trust Ar-Tech professionals to be prepared. Customers can be confident in the training and expertise of our coating teams. Trained to work safely with regard for quality, the end result will be a product finished to NACE standards and capable of achieving your performance objectives.

Industrial Painting

Some assets are designed to work. Some assets are designed to look good. At Ar-Tech we believe you can have it both ways.

From tanks to pipe, fertilizer and agriculture equipment, drilling rigs, plant painting, we have the paint system to ensure durability and appearance. Ar-Tech uses high performance polyurethane, epoxy or enamel paint coatings from our suppliers. Our paint application professionals know the difference between a paint finish. Our Customers may not always have the budget for an "automotive finish" for their field installations, however at Ar-Tech we strive to give you both great appearance and the durability required for industrial use in harsh environments.

External coatings can also provide functionality beyond corrosion protection. Products have been developed with thermal resistance that can provide personnel protection against hot works. Keeping up with the latest equipment and paint system developments in the marketplace benefits our Customers with tailor-made solutions that can fit their budget.

Our objectives align with our customers. For example, over the years customers and regulators have pushed for more sustainable practices in the coatings industry. The elimination of metals such as lead and the reduction in the use of solvents (low VOC) not only satisfies our customers environmental requirements but improves the conditions of the industry and the safety of its workers.

Urethane Foam

r-Tech has the equipment and expertise for applications where the excellent insulating properties of polyurethane foam are required. A leading candidate for insulating storage tanks, spray on polyurethane foam has 2 x the R value per inch of fiber glass wool batts. Service temperatures can range up to 80°C for most products. Ar-Tech can also apply foam capable of offering Class 1 Flame spread ratings (ASTM E84). With an overcoat to enhance UV protection, Ar-Tech applied polyurethane foam will offer years of high performance.

Field Service

Ar-Tech is ready to bring it ...... any time of the year, whether it is new construction, a turnaround or unexpected maintenance.

Regardless of your operating environment and its hazards, Ar-Tech professionals are trained to understand and develop the safety plans necessary to insure an incident free project.

Our field experience is instantly recognized when our professionals show up on site, in uniform, ready to work with no delays. They grasp the situation right down to how the weather is going to impact that days activities. They will understand and be certified to your site safety and environmental standards and have all of the necessary equipment to complete the job.

Abrasive Blasting

Ar-Tech follows SSPC/NACE Standards, manufacturers coating guidelines and customers specifications to ensure correct surface preparation.

Critical aspects of surface preparation are substrate cleanliness and freedom from salts, mill scale, oils, and other chemicals. The precise cleaning method used is determined by the types of contaminants.

Abrasive blasting remains one of the most effective methods for preparing surfaces for coating. The SSPC-AB standards outline the industry guidelines. Abrasive media selection, temperature, humidity, use of compressed air that is dry and oil free are all blast parameters that impact the eventual suitability of the substrate for coating.

MBX Bristle Blaster

50-2000 bbl Tanks

Call for current used stock or we can provide a quote for the following NEW tanks:

50-2000 BBL single or dual wall containment tanks designed and built as per customers specifications.

Our Mission

Ar-Tech Coating will deliver to our customers reliable, cost effective and high quality work.

Objectives: Our objectives are to continue to provide customers with industry leading levels of service, quality and value.

Commitment: We are committed to understanding our customers' needs and to exceed their expectations with the timely provision of quality workmanship and services. With consistent and capable leadership, we seek to ensure long term, supportive relationships between our customers, vendors and employees. By encouraging co-operation and creativity, we are committed to building a business based on employee involvement, training and development within a safe and healthy work environment.