Ar-Tech Employees are trained and have the essential industry experience to work in hazardous conditions on a regular basis.

Ar-Tech Coating Ltd. acknowledges the risks involved in the work our employees perform every day.

We have incorporated the following required training for all employees:

  • Health and Safety Orientation for New Workers
  • H2S Training
  • Confined Space training
  • First Aid and CPR Training
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)
  • Fall Protection
  • Electronic General Safety Orientation (Enform)
  • Mobile Aerial Work Platform
  • Scaffolding System
  • Forklift Training

Other training may include: Drivers National Safety Code, Workplace inspections, Accident/incident investigation, Defensive driving, PST 2.0 and CSTS-09.

We also acknowledge that our customers may also have other training or site orientations which our employees participate in.

Confined Space

Ar-Tech Employees are trained and have essential industrial experience in working in these hazardous conditions on a regular basis.

Employees follow Ar-Tech Coatings Code of Practice for Confined Space Entry, develop and follow Confined Space Entry and Rescue Plans and fill out Daily Confined Space Entry Permits.


Ar-Tech Employees have completed training from an approved training agency in order to be certified for working at sites where H2S is a hazard. The management of Ar-Tech Coating has developed a Code of Practice for Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) and safe work procedures to minimize the workers exposure to H2S. Workers will also be issued a personal gas monitor so that there are immediate measurements of airborne concentrations at the work site to ensure there is no hazardous exposure.

Respiratory Equipment

AR-TECH is committed to ensuring the health and wellbeing of all its employees. It is this commitment that has led us to develop a Code of Practice regarding the use of respirator protective equipment and its use. Ar-Tech Coating has also developed a Hygiene Program for employees to follow.This Hygiene Program breaks down for each

work process:

  1. The Hazard the employee is exposed to.
  2. An Evaluation of the hazard and employees exposure to hazard.
  3. The Controls put into place to eliminate the hazard and or exposure to hazard.

There are five types or respirators used by Ar-Tech Coating Employees.Employees are required to wear the different respirators depending on each work process.

  • Blast hood
  • HEPA (High Efficiency Particle Air) cartridge with respirator
  • Organic vapor cartridge with respirator
  • Air fed spray hood
  • Continuous flow supplied-air respirator full face piece with free air pump

Certain paints contain Isocyanates which are released into the air through spraying and mixing.Normal cartridge respirators cannot filter out isocyanates and therefore extra precautions must be taken. Ar-Tech Coating supplies their employees with a continuous flow supplied-air full face respirator with free air pumps to ensure there is no exposure to Isocyanates.

All Ar-Tech Coating Employees take Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Systems (WHMIS) and have access to all Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) to

ensure they now the hazards of the chemicals before they begin working with it.

Fall Arrest

Ar-Tech Coating has developed procedures and has implemented a Fall Protection Plan. Along with safe work practices employees use the Fall Protection Plan which includes a rescue plan when any worker on a job site may fall 3 meters or more and workers are not protected by guardrails.

Ar-Tech Coating employees received training in the Fall Protection Plan and the safe use of the fall protection system. A job Site Hazard Assessment must be conducted and documented with everyone on the job site. The Hazard Assessment Form and the Fall Protection Plan must be readily available to the workers at the job site.