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Ar-Tech constructed its facilities with two priorities; 1) create optimal coating & painting environments, 2) have large scale for handling the big jobs that are customary in our market. Ar-Tech made this investment because barns and multi-purpose shops are not conducive to professional results.

Critical aspects of surface preparation are substrate cleanliness and freedom from salts, mill scale, oils and other chemicals. When abrasive blasting, dry contaminant free conditions are essential. This includes ensuring that produced compressor air and blast media is dry and contaminant free. After blasting has been completed the clock starts to tick on the next step in the process. There is a short window, less then a working day, until rust blooming can start.

Substrate and ambient temperatures and humidity have to be controlled to attain the best possible coating conditions. Air temperature, steel temperature, humidity and dew point are readings that are all monitored and recorded as part of our quality system. Ar-Techs buildings rely on in floor radiant heating and sophisticated ventilation to optimize conditions. Our pipe and vessel coating buildings have computerized temperature control with specialized programs developed for curing. Data is logged and charted for post cure review to ensure sufficient times and temperatures were achieved without disruption.